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My son has been a part of the Elite Scholars Christian Academy community for just over a year now, and our journey so far has been filled with positivity and growth. The team there is nurturing, welcoming, and incredibly patient, understanding that every child has a unique temperament. Mrs. Mills, along with her dedicated staff, are fervently committed to ensuring that my son, along with all the other children, flourishes not just as exceptional learners, but also as responsible and kind-hearted individuals in society. 

The support and encouragement we received from them, especially when my son was struggling with his speech and language skills, warmed our hearts. It's nothing short of astonishing to see him now, expanding his vocabulary and constructing sentences every single day. I deeply appreciate the way they weave daily devotions and teachings about God, faith, and spirituality into the educational curriculum. 

My son is blossoming beautifully - he's learning new things, enjoying himself, and forming friendships. It fills me with joy to see him come home from school, eager to read a book, say the days of the week, and say his prayers. It's a sight I absolutely adore.


Being a part of the Elite Scholars family has truly been a blessing. Through prayer, I was guided to Elite Scholars Christian Academy and enrolled my daughter at 15 months old. Although I was nervous to send her to school for the first time, their loving, welcoming,  Christ centered environment helped my daughter and I adjust very quickly.
Mrs. Mills and the teachers at Elite Scholars identified and nurtured my little one’s skills, strengths and confidence. When she wanted to do more and learn with the older children they encouraged her and promoted her to the older group. She’s now three years old and far more advanced than I could have imagined. Elite Scholars do not slack on academics or teaching the word of God!
The love, warmth, and encouragement does not stop with the children. Mrs. Mills has provided me with love, support, prayer, and words of encouragement that have been life changing for me. We love the Elite Scholars family. I look forward to the day I can bless this ministry the way that it has blessed me and my child.


Our son Judah went to Elite Scholars Christian Academy from 2018 to 2020 and now our daughter Zoe has been attending here since September 2023. My husband and I honestly believe finding Mrs Mills and this school for our children has been an answer to prayer for us. Here, children are provided with a God-honoring, Christian environment where they can learn through age appropriate means and also through play. ESCA fosters academic growth without neglecting the child’s social & emotional needs. Miss Ciarah is kind and Zoe loves her friends she made at school! Mrs Mills has a way with children and my husband and I have learned a lot from her about interacting with our children especially when it comes to understanding their emotions and communicating with them in an effective and sensitive manner while respecting their feelings. The early years are tremendously influential and ESCA is a great environment for your child, especially if you are considering education with a sound, Biblical worldview. They excel in what they do and you will not regret it!



My husband and I can't say enough about the targeted care Elite Scholars has shown to our sons Luke & Liam. The staff is kind, respectful, caring, and thoughtful. The curriculum provided our boys with the confidence to excel academically,  emotionally and spiritually.  We can't wait for our latest addition, baby Nate,  to experience all Elite Scholars has to offer.


My son has been attending Elite scholars Christian academy for a year and a half and I must say it's been such a wonderful journey.  His previous experience in a childcare setting, he was so unhappy. The moment I made the change I seen such a change in him, attitude , academically and just overall behavior. I couldn't be happier with the education and love he is receiving from Elite. I thank Mrs. Mills and staff so much for their continued love and dedication that they are providing on a daily basis. 


As parents who recently moved to Valley Stream, we faced the challenge of finding the ideal daycare for our child. Our search ended when we discovered Elite Scholars Christian Academy. The moment we walked in, we were struck by the warm, welcoming atmosphere, a testament to the staff's genuine affection for children.

What distinguishes Elite Scholars Christian Academy is its vibrant, nurturing environment. The facility is lively and appealing, replete with diverse toys and educational resources suited for children at various developmental stages. Our son returns home each day, eager to imitate or recreate the engaging activities he experienced.

The staff's qualifications are exceptional, combining professional expertise with a nurturing approach. They dedicate themselves to understanding each child's unique needs, fostering a sense of belonging and confidence. The daily updates and photos we receive are a delightful window into our son's daily adventures.

A cornerstone of this daycare is its emphasis on early childhood education and instilling moral values. The curriculum promotes curiosity, creativity, and a passion for learning. We've observed significant advancements in our son's social skills, language, and cognitive development since he began attending.

Crucially, the daycare upholds stringent hygiene and safety protocols, assuring us of a secure environment for our child. The staff's commitment to cleanliness and health guidelines is unwavering.

In summary, Elite Scholars Christian Academy is more than just a daycare; it's a place where children flourish in a caring and educational setting. We are extremely pleased with our choice and wholeheartedly recommend it to other parents seeking outstanding childcare.


It is always a very difficult decision to select the right school or child care service. As a mother myself, I too was very skeptical. However, I instantly knew after my first conversation and tour with Mrs. Mills  I was in the right school for her.

She worked very closely with me and made the transitional stage for us exceptionally smooth. There were no tears on her first day and her excitement for school only grew from there!  My daughter was fortunate to attend Elite Scholars Christian Academy for two full school years.

In that time, we truly became family. I love the community , Christian faith & morals the school shares with each and every family. We were always included and informed of school news, activities and the fun projects assigned.

 Avery had a great learning experience with Dr. Morris as her teacher. She still talks about her, and often pretend plays she is a teacher “like Dr. Morris”. That makes our hearts smile  and speaks volumes of the impact she truly left on her. Avery is truly a proud product of Elite Scholars.
She is able to read word family words, pray confidently/ independently, count to 100, and be completely comfortable and confident in her new big girl school!
I cannot thank Mrs. Mills and the Elite Scholars teaching team/family enough for all that they have done for our family and the overall positive contribution to our daughters growth and development.


Learning has a home at the Elite Scholars Academy. And it is indeed a home to the children. From the first good morning to the parting goodbye, each child is immersed in a caring environment filled with elements that stimulate imaginations,  open their minds and engage their attention. Going to beyond the basics, children learn so much more than just  ABC's - telling time, good manners, getting along with others, respect, hygiene. facts about their country and the world.


Our daughter, Angelique was one of the first students at “Little Genius Preschool Academy” and she absolutely loved her preschool experience.  The Christian environment was always very warm and welcoming and Angelique looked forward to attending school each day.  The curriculum was well developed and catered to Angelique’s needs.  After three years at “Little Genius Preschool Academy, Angelique transitioned smoothly to Kindergarten.  This was due to the wonderful teaching of Mrs. Paula and Ms. Donna.  We were blessed to have an opportunity to offer our daughter a head start at “Little Genius Preschool Academy.”  


What a wonderful journey has it been for us at Elite Scholars!  As parents of a former  preschooler, we have seen our daughter social and intellectual  development reached the summit.   Parents are definitely getting more than a babysitting service.  The kids are provided with a great educational foundation; They are taught to excel at a very young age.  My daughter is currently striving at Forest Road school.  Although it is in a school setting, the kids are being nurtured in a very special way.  Elite Scholars is "home away from home" literally because it is located in the heart of Mill Brook.   Occasionally,  I stop by   either to say hello, or to show how well my daughter is doing in school. The relationship does not stop at graduation, it is ongoing.  Thank you Elite Scholars for giving me peace of mind while working!  THANK YOU !!!

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